“The Tourpreneur Brief keeps me up to date without having to worry that I've missed anything important... and in an industry that's moving as fast as ours, it's easy to miss things.”  

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Rod Cuthbert Founder and former CEO of Viator

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I know how busy you are running your business as a Tourpreneur.  

Between taking bookings…choosing software…handling transactions…and actually conducting your tour…it can be difficult to find the time to keep up-to-date with the industry.  

Let someone else curate the best, most relevant news for you.  

I’m Shane Whaley, and I started the Tourpreneur community to act as a resource for the tours and activities industry.  

As a veteran of the travel industry for over 20 years, I started looking at what made tour companies work and started interviewing other successful business owners, or tourpreneurs.  

Every day, I curate the best of the best of the tours news you need to know.  

NO more scouring Skift for the one gem you need to know.  

NO more wondering if the newest algorithm change will really affect your business.  

NO more worries about missing out on opportunities or new booking platform options or OTAs.  

I’ll find the best, most relevant news each weekday and send it to you in a quick to read brief. You can keep informed while waiting for your next tour group…during your commute…or even over your morning coffee.  

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